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24 engraved, timber discs specially designed to help you capture special moments in your pregnancy.

Size: Each disc 10cm in diameter.

The set comes in a muslin draw string bag.


  • We’re having a baby
  • First trimester
  • Second trimester
  • Third Trimester
  • It’s a girl
  • It’s a boy
  • Welcome to the world
  • Baby shower day
  • Can’t wait to meet you
  • I’m in labour
  • Still waiting
  • Can’t see my toes anymore
  • Your first outfit
  • Today I’m craving
  • The bags are packed
  • First ultrasound scan
  • Today you kicked for the first time
  • Your nursery is ready for you
  • Today we heard your heartbeat
  • The test is positive
  • Last bump photo
  • Cant stop buying baby things
  • Today is my due date
  • We are pregnant


Special Moments Pregnancy Milestones

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